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All pre-owned Items have a 6 month guarantee/warranty through us, some equipment may have a manufacturer's warranty still, contact us for specific details.
*When shopping for a replacement unit you need to know your current equipment capacity. You must select the same size to match up properly. If you're unsure, we can help!

2.5 Ton R22 Condenser

2014 Goodman Model

$900 or $1500 Installed

3 Ton R22 Condenser

2014 Payne

$900 or $1500 Installed

4 Ton R22 Condenser

2007 Goodman

$650 or $1250 Installed

5 Ton R410A Heat Pump System

2012 Rheem 2 Stage 16.5 Seer

System works good, has a brand new evaporator coil. Includes communicating thermostat.
$1800 or $2800 Installed

3 Ton R22 Condenser

2014 Goodman

$900 or $1500 Installed

Brand New 2.5 Ton AC system

2019 Evcon (Johnson Controls)

System is complete with 10kw electric heat kit, TXV, a filter base, air filter, condenser pad with a few bags of top soil and New copper lineset.
AHRI: 8459823
SEER: 14.25
Capacity: 29,800 btu
Condenser: RAC14L30B21S
Air handler: RFCX30BP10MP22
Warranty: 10 years

$2800 or $4000 installed

3.5 Ton R410A Condenser

2011 Rheem

$900 or $1500 Installed

3 Ton R22 Condenser

2006 Goodman

$650 or $1250 Installed

50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

2015 Rheem

Installed for two years, replaced for an upgrade.
$150 or $450 Installed

3 Ton R22 Heat Pump Condenser

1999 Goodman